Sunday, April 13, 2014

Interview with Ken Scwaber Part 2

Part 2:

Adoption of Scrum
Coming this spring, Better Software magazine will publish an interview with Ken Schwaber that I conducted.  As part of my blog, I will publish a number of excerpts.  Here is part 2 0f 5.  Enjoy.

KS - The latest data from Forrester says 92% of agile organizations are using Scrum, and I would have expected see 90 to 92% scrum and maybe 85% XP.  I think the static is a little funny because it doesnt say how many organizations are developing software just with Scrum and how many are using modern engineering techniques too.  I think if we ask about Scrum combined with modern engineering techniques the answer might be closer to 30 or 40%, which is still pretty reasonable. 

I think we have finally turned a corner on people thinking waterfall is a good approach for software development.  As long as that type of mentality persisted, there was always the chance that we could have fallen back to a misuse of RUP or strict waterfall again.

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