Sunday, March 23, 2014

Interview With Ken Schwaber Part 1

Part 1:

The Early Days of Scrum

Coming this spring, Better Software magazine will publish an interview with Ken Schwaber that I conducted.  As part of my blog, I will publish a number of excerpts.  Here is part 1 of 5.  Enjoy.

KS - Ive been working with the ideas of Scrum for 23 years. I was using one of the early OO technologies and at the same time the customer was coming back with changes - we were going nuts with our inability to deal with the technology difficulties and the constant request of changes.

I started to start coming up the ideas in scrum and agile and found that Jeff Sutherland was trying to solve the same problems by doing pretty much the same thing.  Jeff was formalizing these ideas from scrum so we started doing that together and by 1995 we had a pretty well described we called Scrum today.

We got an email from Kent Beck who had seen our initial work at Oopsla.  He liked the ideas and asked to borrow some of them which is why you see convergence between XP and Scrum.  

I had always hoped, in particularly leading up to the 2001 agile manifesto, that we could somehow band together because Scrum answers the question of how to develop within an agile framework.

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