Friday, January 23, 2009

Agile 2009

I've just posted my second session on agile 2009. The first one - experiences in moving from scrum to kanban looks like it will be accepted. The second is a workshop on finding possible solutions to the big problems in agile management.

Agile isn’t free; it comes with new responsibilities, ways of working, and a fundamental shift in principles.Certain legacy procedures and artifacts fall outside of agile, yet interface with the project in such a way as to make the iterative nature of agile development challenging – these are the agile big rocks.

What do you think are the agile big rocks? My candidate list is:
  • Performance evaluation of agile personnel – how do you motivate the team and the individual?
  • Agile software development within a waterfall business – how do you do small iterations when the business wants analysis, design, code, and test?
  • Agile PMO – Can the PMO track agile like a traditional project?
  • Scrum failure points – Surely Scrum is not perfect. How can you recognize and avoid failure points?
  • Backlog grooming pain points and resolutions.
  • Agile forecasting via metrics – how do you plan when you really don’t know what you’re making?
Anything you think should be added?

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